Quanizone E-commerce is a technology focused online store in Cameroon that brings to you all electronics gadgets through an easy access with your mobile phone or computer.

About us

Quanizone which is situated in the economic capital of Cameroon, is aimed at connecting businesses (B2B)  (wholesalers–retailers & Businesses-Consumers (B2C) as far as electronics is  concerned. Each week, approximately 200 customers are either visiting our shops,  shopping online or connected to retailers where they sought products at the comfort of their homes, offices or wherever and whenever desired. Today’s customers seeks the convenience of one-stop shopping that we offer. From high quality phones, Televisions, Desktops, gadgets to a variety of household appliances/electronics, we provide the deep assortments that our customers appreciate— whether they’re shopping on-site, online, phone, emails or phone calls. We have a dedicated and passionate team that is ready to give you the best of our customer service whether online or offline.

Our vision

Our vision is to be positioned in the market as a referenced brand that provides top notch products and services to our clients at the comfort of their homes anywhere in Cameroon.

Our Mission

Make accessible and available high qualitative products and services; Cell phones and Accessories, Computers, Tablets and Household appliances in wholesale and retail at the best competitive prices to suit different customer needs. Quanizone is the go-to platform whenever and wherever for best buys, deals and discounts easily and conveniently.
Our competitive advantage is in the good after sale services we provide to our clients to ensure they are fully satisfied and don’t suffer from bad post purchase behaviours. Our speed in delivery and the easy return policy is also part of our strength.

The Benefits of shopping with Quanizone

Experienced staff will cover all the bases for you, helping you select devices from varieties of vendors, including Apple, Google, Samsung, LG, Huawei, Oppo, ASUS, and more.
Whether you’re committed to the simple layout of iOS, or prefer the customization Android offers, you’ll love the huge selection of phones available.
Do it all without having to worry about long line-ups at any of our shops. Our efficient staffs stay on top of all the latest products, providing you with impartial and knowledgeable information on whatever you are shopping for. A well secured and guaranteed platform for online payments, easy return policy, speedy and timely delivery locally at the comfort of your home.

Mobile Phone , Gadgets and Accessories.

Safety matters when keeping the conversation going while driving, which is why you can find an array of Bluetooth headsets, car kits and car mounts to choose from for true hands-free functionality.
Mobile Services

You can walk away from a Quanizone shop ready to go with your new phone. Specialists can help you set up your new device, transfer data to a new handset, and help pair a new accessory. No matter what you come in for, you will get great service from non-commissioned staff eager to help. You can also call for these services to be done at the home, office or wherever

Mobile is a broad term these days, and Quanizone has the accessories you may be looking for. Protecting your phone is important, and with the variety of cases and screen protectors available, you can safeguard your phone from any accidental damage.
Keep your phone going with a wireless charger, cable, or battery. If you’re looking for a solution for your charging needs, Quanizone will happily provide you with some options.

Expanding your phone’s internal storage is a neat way to store more content without having to worry about performance, and the wide range of memory cards will give you real flexibility. (Keep in mind, though, not all phones include memory card slots.)

Computer, Tablets and Accessories

Computers & Tablets are Essential Tools for Work and Everything

It is well known that computers are an essential part of modern-day life. Hit with the Covid-19 pandemic life has turned around with work and school done at home. Fast and speedy computers have become more essential whether you’re shopping on your laptop, getting work done on a desktop, or watching comedy on your tablet. For the best deals on computers in Cameroon, Quanizone is the first place to think of, and for good reason. Take our huge selection of computers and accessories, sprinkle in some incredible sales and deals, and you’ve got the ideal destination for picking up your next computing device.


Get Things Done with a Laptop

Life has gone digital and a laptop is a must-have. Today’s laptops are powerful enough to handle everything you throw at them, from power-intensive tasks like gaming and video editing to everyday stuff like browsing the web and flipping through photos. Since they’re portable, you can use one wherever you want: check your Facebook page while sitting on the couch in front of the TV, finish a report while sipping a drink at the coffee shop, or bring it to your buddy’s place to show off photos from your amazing travel adventure.
Work Anytime, Anywhere with a Tablet


Tablets hit the sweet spot between form and functionality. They’re small enough to fit into your bag, but have enough screen real estate to provide an enjoyable experience for watching videos or articles. Some models are basically laptops in tablet form, complete with laptop-grade hardware and operating systems (like Windows 10). Simply connect a keyboard (and maybe a mouse or stylus) and you’ve got a fully-functioning computer in a package that’s compact enough to carry around everywhere you go.


Desktop Computers Provide Maximum Power and Productivity

If you prefer to use your computer while sitting at your desk or need to do some heavy-duty work, a desktop computer is the way to go. You can get great computer hardware for a reasonable price, and PCs are upgradeable so you can swap out a processor or boost the memory if you feel the need. Some desktops are designed for specific uses: a gaming PC features high-octane hardware that can handle graphics- heavy games, while a mini-PC includes budget-friendly, customizable components that are perfect for a variety of uses.

TVs , Video Games and Accessories

Creating An Extraordinary Experience With Your Dream TV and Home Theatre

TV screens these days are bigger than ever, which makes it easier to bring movies to life. Many dream of a movie theatre in their living rooms for special bonding moments with their family and loved ones ‘’Movie nights, game nights e.t.c’’ . With a fully-featured home theatre in your home, your movies, TV shows, sports, and video games become almost larger than life and better than ever.
Quanizone has everything needed to create that home theatre setup that’ll get your family , friends and neighbours envying your home setup.

Choosing the right TV is one thing, and putting it in exactly the right position to suit and beautify your living room is another. Use a TV stand to place the screen at any position of preference for comfortable viewing, and to add a dash of modern style to the room. If you’d prefer to have it hanging on the wall, a TV mount will help make that happen.Most importantly , Quanizone’s special technical team is ready to help you set up your home.

Home Appliances and Accessories

Quanizone has a wide variety of appliances online—from home appliances ( Air conditioning , fans ) , kitchen appliances ( Gaz cookers, plates, water heaters , blenders e.t.c), Laundry appliances ( washing and drying machines) , refrigerators and all other appliances you could think of . You’ll find all the most popular appliance brands in just about every style and size one could think of ,and at affordable prices to suit every buyer. So whether you’re just replacing an old fridge or completely renovating your kitchen, you can get all your appliances at Quanizone , in one place.