14 Inch Ring Light 3200-5600k With Tripod for Video, Makeup


  • 5600K to 3200K, cool/neutral/warm white, 30-100% brightness
  • Controller with On/Off, Color Change and Brightness functions
  • Power: 16cm 5W, 26cm 12W, 36cm 24W
  • Power Supply Method: 16cm USB, 26cm USB, 36cm socket
  • Height Range: Desk stand 25-55cm, 26cm Floor stand 85-210cm
  • Dimmable 14″ ring fluorescent flash light.
  • Power: 50W (equivalent to 400W on an incandescent one)
  • With reinforced flexible arm which will move freely and never droop.
  • Extra Long Cord and Heavy Duty Thumb Screws, A must have for photography enthusiasts.
  • Only light included, all other parts to be purchased individually

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